Re-live the action from 1951

Year in review


We have details on quite a few rallies in 1951. If you have any information, please let us know!

The Light Car Club and Victorian Sporting Car Club were now well established as organisers of a number of trials each year.

Open Events

Here are a few of the events for which we have some information.

The Victorian Sporting Car Club’s Summer Trial was on February 18th. The event suddenly became challenging when the weather turned foul. Don Thomson and his wife Nan were winners in a Javelin.

The Light Car Club conducted its second annual Woman Drivers Reliability Trial on February 25th. It was sponsored by “The Age”. There were 44 starters and this time both driver and navigator had to be female!¬† Winner was Mrs. E. Gardner.

The LCCA Autumn Trial was probably held on February 25th and was won by Don Busch in a Jaguar XK-120.

The VSCC ran an Eight Hour Trial on May 13th.

The VSCC Midnight Trial was held on July 7th and 8th and was won by Frank Sinclair and Phil Irving in an MG TD.

The Western District Car Club (then the Geelong Sporting Car Club?) ran the Otway Trial on July 14th and 15th. We have no details, just this announcement.

The annual LCCA Experts Trial was held on July 21st. Winners were Stan Jones in a Holden navigated by Jim Hoy and Maurie Monk.

The Light Car Club’s Mountain Trial scheduled for August 19th was cancelled due to snow.

The VSCC Eastern Trial was held on October 15th. Two cars clean sheeted, Nan and Don Thomson in the Javelin and Bob Foreman in MG Y Type. Foreman was declared winner after a sub-event.

Probably the final event of the year was the annual Alpine Trial, conducted by the Light Car Club on December 1st and 2nd. This was the second of the post-war Alpines and was again won by Owen John and Ern Abbott in a Riley 2.5.

Closed Events

Several clubs were active running trials and rallies, particularly the Light Car Club, the Victorian Sporting Car Club and the Victorian Amateur Drivers Club, but we have no details of close/club events conducted.

The Rally Calendar for this year

We do not yet have a calendar of events from this year.