Re-live the action from 1954

Year in review


We have limited information on events in 1954 – if you have any information please let us know!

Below we have presented some events for which we have information. No doubt there were many more events than are listed here. 

Major Events

The second Sun Rally was held in May. Directed by Maurie Monk, Donald Thomson and Colin Harvey. The 5 day event traversed almost every part of Victoria. It was won by Harry Firth and Graham Hoinville in a Sunbeam Alpine.

The second REDeX Round Australia Trial was held in July and was won by Gelignite Jack Murray and Bill Murray in the Grey Ghost, a 1948 Ford. The last part of the course traversed Victoria.

Open Events

We have very few records of the open events conducted in 1954.

The Australian Motor Sports Club conducted an Open Novice Invitation Trial on February 7th. The event was won by Miss Doris Cairns, navigated by John Rogers in a Triumph Mayflower.

The Light Car Club conducted its annual “Trial for Women” on Sunday March 7. Directed by Lex Davison and Peter Ward, the event was sponsored by The Age newspaper.

The Victorian Sporting Car Club ran their third annual Blue Ribbon Trial on June 20th. It was won by Bob Foreman in a Fiat 1100.

The Experts Trial was probably run in July and was won by Doug Whitehead and Bill Wilcox in a Standard Vanguard.

The Victorian Amateur Drivers Club ran the Two Day Trial on August 14-15. The event was sponsored by Pacific Motor Auctions and ran generally to the north and north-east of Victoria with a stopover in Shepparton.

The Victorian Sporting Car Club ran the Ninety-Nine Trial on October 30. This quite navigational event was won by Peter Chapple and Ted Cock in a Holden.

The North Eastern Car Club ran their first North Eastern Trial which was won by Ted Parsons and Noel Lewis in a VW. This may have been a closed event.

The Light Car Club ran the Annual Alpine Trial on December 4-5. It was won by Russell Lane and Claude Turner in a Humber Super Snipe.

Closed Events

Several clubs were active running trials and rallies, particularly the Light Car Club, the Victorian Sporting Car Club and the Victorian Amateur Drivers Club.

The newly formed Car Club of RMIT (then the RMTC) held two closed events, the Peninsula Trial won by Doug Andrews and David Hobbs in a Rover 75, and the Showday Trial, won by Tony Keep and G. Spence in a Vauxhall.

The Rally Calendar for this year

We do not yet have a calendar of events from this year.