Re-live the action from 1957

Year in review


We have limited information on events in 1957 – if you have any information please let us know!

Below we have presented some events for which we have information. No doubt there were many more events than are listed here. It was certainly the era of the VW, which won most events with a variety of crews.

Major Events

The Ampol Trial was held from July 7-21, based out of Sydney and run by a seemingly “rebel” group from the Australian Sporting Car Club after CAMS refused to grant them a permit! The event was a “half” round Australia in a clockwise direction with a Melbourne stopover early in the event. The event was won by Jack Witter and Doug Stewart in a VW.

The “rival” Mobilgas Rally was held from August 21 to September 8, based out of Melbourne, and was a full “clockwise” round Australia. It was was won by Victorians Laurie Whitehead and Kevin Young in a VW. Volkswagens filled the top six places.

Finish of the 1957 Mobilgas Rally

Open Events

We have very few records of the open events conducted in 1957.

The Light Car Club conducted their annual Experts Trial, which was won by Bob Foreman and J. McDougall in a VW.

The North Eastern Car Club conducted their annual North Eastern Trial which was won by Paul Griffiths, Brian Adams and Bob Forsyth in an Austin Lancer.

The Light Car Club also conducted the annual Alpine Trial which was won by Lou Molina and Peter Ward in a VW.

Closed Events

Many clubs were active running trials and rallies.
The Melbourne University Car Club conducted as many as five events: the Novice Rally won by Dave Abbott in a Morris Minor, the Mountain Trial won by Jim Houghton in a VW, the Night Trial won by Bruce Clarkson in a VW, the Peninsula Trial with equal winners Frank Kilfoyle and Jim Houghton, and the Northern Trial won by Grant/Ackland. The Club Champion was Frank Kilfoyle, the start of a long and auspicious rally career. More details can be found in the club magazine.
CCRMIT, then the Car Club of the Royal Melbourne Technical College, ran four trials: their annual Autumn Midnight Trial, directed by Neil Forss and won by Max Abrahams and Robin Petter in a Morris Minor, the Hardie Trial directed by Robin Petty and won by Peter and Stephen Coffey in a Zephyr, the first President Trial, won by Core/Grant in a Simca and a Novice Trial won by Cadd/Tremain in a Dodge.

The Rally Calendar for this year

We do not yet have a calendar of events from this year.