Re-live the action from 1975

Year in review


The Victorian Rally Championship was won by David Bond and Ian Richards in their Mitsubishi Lancer, while the Victorian Clubman series was won by Doug Irish and Ian Ellis in a Torana XU-1.

The major event of the year other than ARC rounds was the Holden Dealers 500 International Rally. With all competitive stages on private land (APM forests), CAMS again allowed timing to the second. After 2 days, Colin Bond defeated George Fury by only 20 seconds.

Australian Rally Championship

Victoria hosted two rounds of the Australian Rally Championship, Akademos (Round 3) and the Kleber Alpine Rally (Round 7). Ross Dunkerton and John Large were equal winners of the Akademos and won the championship despite crashing out of the Alpine.

Colin Bond and George Shepherd on the Holden Dealers 500


Victorian Rally Championship

The VRC comprised seven events: Penfold Motors Trial, George Derrick Memorial Trial, Midlander Trial, Midyear Rally, Experts Trial, North Eastern Rally, Hunter Safari

Outright Champions: David Bond / Ian Richards, Mitsubishi Lancer

For more details, including event results and points tables, go to the 1975 VRC page.

Bond/Richards on a Puckapunyal stage

Victorian Clubman Rally Series

VCS events in 1975 were the Summer Safari, Otway, Classic, Midwestern, Brass Monkey, HAC Invitation and
Cooper Memorial.

Winners: Doug Irish /Ian Ellis, Holden Torana

For more details, including event results and points tables, go to the 1975 VCS page.

TAUCC Series

1975 was the first year of this series of “closed” events. Named after the Technical college And University Car Clubs that created the series, it was the forerunner of other club groupings as increased competitor costs and organisational requirements made it unviable for clubs to run events only for their members. The initial clubs were the Melbourne University Car Club (MUCC), the Car Club of the RMIT (CCRMIT), the Swinburne College of Technology Car Club (SCOTCC) and the Monash Sporting Car Club (MSCC). Future additions were the Latrobe Horseless Carriage Society and the Deakin University Car Club.

The 1975 series was narrowly won by CCRMIT from SCOTCC. Individual honours went to David Dyball and Noel Kelly. The series comprised nine events:

  1. Summer Trial
  2. Swinburne 200
  3. Monash Introductory Trial
  4. Autumn Midnight
  5. Winter Trial
  6. Amateur Trial
  7. Baxter’s Burn
  8. Western Districts Trial
  9. Disrally

Other Events

Goldfields Rally

This year saw the second running of the Goldfields Rally, a demanding fully route charted event through the goldfields tracks around Dunolly. Read more about the event here.

Rally de Dames

The Renault Car Club of Victoria conducted an unusual event for the rally world – it was restricted to female drivers. Read more about the event here.

 The Rally Calendar for this year:

1 FebNorth Central TrialCCCOpen
1 FebSummer TrialCERBClub
1 FebClub TrialHDCCClub
2 FebShamateur OneLCCAClub
8 FebSummer TrialMUCCTAUCC-1
8 FebNovice TrialVADCClub
15 FebSummer SafariPCCVVCS-1
15 FebNovice TrialGRCCClub
15 FebSpeculant RallyWMSCClub
22 FebSummer TrialNECCClub
22 FebNovice TrialCRBCCClub
1 MarSwinburne 200SCOTCCTAUCC-2
1 MarSunrise TrialPIARCOpen
1 MarSun Centre TrialSHDCCClub
1 MarPresidents TrialSEACClub
8 MarBegonia RallyBLCCOpen
8 MarNovice TrialBPACOpen
15 MarOtway TrialWDCCVCS-2
15 MarTee Cee Vee TrialTCVClub
15 MarNight Navigation TrailSMSCClub
15 MarRallykhanaADCCClub
15 MarChallenge TrialDCCAClub
22 MarPenfold Motors TrialRCCVVRC-1
22 MarIntroductory TrialMSCCTAUCC-3
22 MarInvitation TrailCOCCClub
5 AprAutumn Midnight TrialCCRMITTAUCC-4
5 AprTwo Day Enduro (cancelled)VADCOpen
5 AprInvitation TrailHDCCClub
5 AprNovice TrialPACClub
5 AprRamblers TrialCVCCClub
12 AprClassic RallyGMHMCVCS-3
12 AprThumpers Easter ParadeM850Club
19 AprWestern TrialWDCCClub
25-27 AprGeorge Derrick Memorial TrialCCRMITVRC-2
26 AprAutumn TrialNECCClub
3 MayMountain RallySCOTCCOpen
3 MayTrialRCCDClub
10 MayBoomerang Trial (postponed to September?)MSCCOpen
10 MayMay TrialRCCDClub
17 MayMidwestern TrialLCCAVCS-4
17 MayThe HAC TrialHACClub
17 MayBP City Centre TrialSEACClub
24-25 MayAkademosMUCCARC-3
24 MayTrialNECCClub
24 MayNovice TrialADCCClub
31 MayMaude’s MeanderWMSCOpen
31 MayShamateur IILCCAClub
7 JunMidlander TrialCVCCVRC-3
7 JunForest Fossick RallyCATCCClub
7 JunTrialGCCClub
14 JunGemini TrialGRCCClub
14 JunMt Gambier Motors TrialSEACClub
21 JunMountain MastersADCCClub
21 JunRallyFCCVClub
28 JunWinter TrialMUCCTAUCC-5
28 JunGoldfields RallyRCCVOpen
28 JunHAC Winter TrialHACClub
28 JunMitchell Motors RallyWMSCClub
5 JulMidyear RallyMSCCVRC-4
5 JulHonda Scamper TrialHCCVClub
5 JulAmateur TrialCCRMITTAUCC-6
12 JulPat’s PicnicM850Club
12 JulValkyrian TrialVWCCClub
19 JulScrub BasherGMHMCClub
19 JulWinter TrialNECCClub
19 JulWilliam Harvey Memorial TrialPCCVClub
19 JulBellarine Night TrialWDCCClub
26 JulBrass Money TrailRCCDVCS-5
26 JulInterclub TrialSEACClub
2 AugTrialTCVClub
9 AugExperts TrialLCCAVRC-5
16 AugBaxter’s BurnCCRMITTAUCC-7
16 AugWinter RallyFCCVClub
16 AugNight Navigation TrialSMSCClub
16 AugForest ClassicNECCClub
23 AugIntervarsityMSCCClub
23 AugRookies RamblePCCVClub
23 AugWattle TrialCVCCClub
23 AugPresidents TrialCRBCCClub
23 AugTrialRCCDClub
30 AugHighlander TrialCCCClub
30 AugPresidents TrialHDCCClub
6 SepHAC Invitation RallyHACVCS-6
6 SepBeepac RallyBPACClub
13 SepNorth Eastern RallyNECCVRC-6
13 SepWestern Districts TrialSCOTCCTAUCC-8
13 SepMini Invitation TrialM850GClub
13 SepRenault Australia TrialRCCVClub
13 SepSun Centre RallySHDCCClub
20 SepForester RallyCERBClub
20 SepBoomerang TrialMSCCClub
20 SepSpring 200FFCCClub
20 SepHenri Post TrialSEACClub
27 SepShamateur IIILCCAClub
4 OctCooper MemorialWDCCVCS-7
4 OctClub TrialHDCCClub
11 OctSeptember TrialLCCBENClub
18-19 OctHolden Dealers 500YMRACVInternational
18 OctSand TrialSMSCClub
25 OctTrialDCCAClub
25 OctSpring TrialNECCClub
25 OctPathfinder TrialPIARCClub
25 OctWills Show RallyWMSCClub
1 NovTrialPACClub
1 NovAdam & Eve TrialCRBCCClub
8 NovHunter SafariCOCCVRC-7
8 NovUp the River RallyADCCClub
15 NovPresidents TrialVADCClub
15 Nov100 Puddles RallyADCCClub
15 NovValve Stretcher TrialFCCGClub
22 NovDisrallyMSCCTAUCC-9
22 NovYulunga Trial (cancelled)HDCCClub
22 NovRally de DamesRCCVClub
22 NovPresidents TrialCVCCClub
29-30 NovKleber Alpine RallyLCCAARC-7
6 DecPresidents TrialCCRMITOpen
6 DecInvitation RallyWMSCClub
13 DecMaldon MuddleMUCCClub