Re-live the action from 1987

Year in review


The Victorian Rally Championship was won by Geoff Portman and Peter Gale in their Datsun 1600 2.3L. 

Australian Rally Championship

Victoria hosted the sixth and final round of the ARC with the BP Visco Alpine Rally which was won by Ian Hill and Phil Bonsar in a Subaru RX Turbo.

Despite the continuance of the split Group A/Group G points system, the ARC was now dominated by Group A cars, many that were 4WD. But in something of a surprise, it was Greg Carr and Fred Gocentas who took out the 1987 title in their rear wheel drive Alfa Romeo GTV6, closely followed by Wayne Bell and Dave Boddy (in both a rear wheel drive Toyota Corolla Levin and a Mazda 323 4WD).


Victorian Rally Championship

VRC events this year were the Maryborough Nissan Blue Ribbon Rally, the Bayswater Wrecker Stages, the Marsh Seats Akademos, the George Derrick Memorial Rally, and the BP Visco Alpine Rally.

Outright Champions: Geoff Portman / Peter Gale, Datsun 1600

State Recognised Driver Award: David Greig, Datsun 1600

Stage Recognised Navigator Award: Doug Gould (navigating for Graeme Gambold)

Clubman Award: Michael Reeves / David Proctor, Datsun 1600

Production Rally Car Award: Graeme Gambold / Doug Gould, Toyota TE71

For more details, including event results and points tables, go to the 1987 VRC page.

Victorian Trials Championship

The VTC events this year were:

  1. Experts Trial
  2. Rally of the Rising Sun
  3. William Harvey Memorial Trial
  4. Eureka Trial.

Outright Champions: 

State Recognised Award: 

Clubman Award: 

Production Rally Car Award: 

For more details, including event results and points tables, go to the 1987 VTC page.

Western Region Trial Series

This series of closed events was for clubs in western Victoria, in particular Geelong, Ballarat and Melton. Events held were: 

  1. Yulunga Trial
  2. Highlander Trial
  3. Daryl Tunbridge Memorial Trial
  4. Western Lion Trial
  5. Booderoo Trial

Riverina & North Eastern Series

This closed series was for members of the car clubs in northern and north-eastern Victoria. The series comprised:

  1. Beaurapaires Tyres Trial
  2. NSW event?
  3. Whiteknuckles Trial
  4. Goulburner Trial
  5. NSW Event?
  6. Spring Trial

TAUCC Series

This series of closed events was originally for the various technical college and university car clubs. This year saw the Combine 6 series effectively merged into the TAUCC Series, so in addition to the HMAS Cerberus Car Club, the Melton Motor Sports Club and the Nissan Car Club of Australia both joined the TAUCC series. This year the series comprised (Moonlight Meander was cancelled):

  1. Swinburne 200 – Results in March Unicar
  2. Autumn Midnight Trial – Have results, also in April Unicar
  3. Nissan Nightmoves – Results in Aug Unicar
  4. Bog-A-Duck Trial – Results in Sep Unicar
  5. Forester Trial – Results in Oct Unicar
  6. Distrial – Results in Nov Unicar

The individual TAUCC Champions were Nigel Letty and Cameron Jay.

Group 5

This closed series comprised events run by PIARC, CRB Car Club and the Torana Club of Victoria. Events were:

  1. Zodiac Rally
  2. ANZ Bank Trial
  3. Tee Cee Vee Memorial Trial
  4. Kanga Trial
  5. Pathfinder Trial
  6. Tocoan Trial
  7. MMAL Safari
  8. Adam ‘n Eve Trial

Other Events

High Country Trial 24-26 April

The High Country Trial was another excellent example of a multi-day navigational event organised by Ross Runnalls. The HCT took competitors through many parts of the Australian Alps in Eastern Victoria. Winners were David Officer, David McKenzie and Kate Officer in the Officer’s Pajero. 

 The Rally Calendar for this year:

1 FebSprint RallyFFCCClosed
7 FebShamateur ILCCAClosed
14 FebZodiac Rally (cancelled?)CRBCCGroup5?
21 FebKermits RevengeHDCCClosed
21 FebKirk Memorial TrialCACClosed
28 FebFestival Novice TrialBLCCClosed
28 FebSwinburne 200SCCTAUCC-1
7 MarChallenge of ClubsNCCAClosed
14 MarWhroo Ramble (postponed to Oct)VADCClosed
14 MarANZ Bank TrialTocoanCCGroup5-1
21 MarGeorge Woods Memorial TrialPCCVClosed
21 MarNovice TrialNECCClosed
22 MarMaldon RallysprintLCCBENOpen
28 MarMaryborough Nissan Blue Ribbon RallyLCCAVRC-1
4 AprSpring 200FFCCClosed
4 AprIntroductory TrialMSCCClosed
4 AprTee Cee Vee Memorial TrialHMSCVGroup5-2
11 AprYulunga TrialHDCCWRRC-1
11 AprAutumn Midnight TrialCCRMITTAUCC-2
11 AprBeaurapaires Tyres TrialAWDCCRNES-1
24-26 AprHigh Country TrialNECCOpen
25 AprNorthern Mini Parts RallysprintMCCVClub
25 AprHighlander TrialCCCWRRC-2
2 MayBayswater Wrecker Stages (ex Camcrusher)FFCCVRC-2
9 MayExperts TrialLCCAVTC-1
16 MayWhiteknuckles TrialNECCRNES-3
16 MayCoca Cola TrialSEACClub
16 MayKanga TrialMMALCCGroup5-3
23 MayAkademosMUCCVRC-3
30 MayMoonlight Meander (cancelled)MMSCTAUCC
30 MayGoulburner TrialSDCCRNES-4
6 JunDarryl Tunbridge Memorial TrialBLCCWRRC-3
13 JunePathfinder TrialPIARCGroup5-5
27 JunNissan Nightmoves (postponed to end Aug)NCCATAUCC
4 JulWestern Lion TrialPCCVWRRC-4
25 JulTopline Pines TrialSEACClosed
8 AugRally of the Rising SunNCCAVTC-2
15 AugTocoan TrialTCCGroup5-6
15 AugWaw Novice TrialNECCClosed
22 AugTrialSEACClosed
23 AugYokohama RallysprintFFCCOpen
29 AugNissan NightmovesNCCATAUCC-3
5 SepShamateur 2 (postponed a week?)LCCAClosed
12 SepShamateur IILCCAClosed
12 SepAnglia Memorial TrialFFCCClosed
19 SepGeorge Derrick Memorial RallyCCRMITVRC-4
19 SepScarfe Steel Supplies TrialSEACClosed
26 SepBog-a-Duck TrialMUCCTAUCC-4
26 SepNovice TrialTOCVClosed
3 SepSpring TrialNECCRNES-6
10 OctBooderoo TrialLCCABENWRRC-5
10 OctSafariMMALCCGroup5-7
17 OctWilliam Harvey Memorial TrialPCCVVTC-3
24 OctWhroo RambleVADCClosed
31 OctFar Western TrialHDCCClosed
31 OctForester RallyCERBTAUCC-5
7 NovVictoria Cross RallyCACAOpen
14 NovMaldon MuddleMUCCClosed
14 NovAdam & Eve TrialCERBGroup5-8
21-22 NovBP Visco Alpine RallyLCCAARC-6, VRC-6
28 NovDistrialMSCCTAUCC-6
28 NovSundowner TrialHDCCClosed
28 NovChick Pfeifer Memorial TrialRCCVClosed
5 DecEureka TrialBLCCVTC-4
12 DecWestern Districts TrialSCCClosed