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The Victorian Rally Championship was won by [names] in their [car]. 

Australian Rally Championship

Victoria’s round of the Australian Rally Championship was [event].


Victorian Rally Championship

VRC events this year were:

Final Points Scores





Victorian Club Rally Series

The Victorian Club Rally Series  evolved to provide rallies to club members that didn’t incur the higher cost of the Victorian Rally Championship. It also recognised that events had become more onerous and costly to host and that larger fields of competitors were required for financial viability than any one club could hope to obtain from their own membership. An added advantage was that it provided a competition between clubs as well as for individual competitors.

The VCRS events this year were: 

Western Region Trial Series

This series of closed events was for clubs in western Victoria, in particular Geelong, Ballarat and Melton. Events held were: 


Riverina & North Eastern Series

This closed series was for members of the car clubs in northern and north-eastern Victoria. The series comprised:

Other Events

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 The Rally Calendar for this year:

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