1955 REDeX Trial

Start: Parramatta, August 21st

Finish: Parramatta, September 11th

This was the third and last REDeX Round Australia Trial, which circumnavigated Australia in a clockwise direction.

The event was organised by the Australian Sporting Car Club with a committee comprising Dan MacFarlane, Gordon McColl, Norman Pleasence, B. Middleton and Des Pinn.

Close to 200 cars entered the event which penalised entrants for changing parts on their vehicles as well as for lateness at controls. Penalties were also incurred for damage evident at the finish. For example, eighth placed Bill Edmonds was penalised 250 points for radiator damage, without which they would have finished sixth, while the tenth placed Mercury of Francis McMahon was penalised 500 points for structural damage, without which they would have finished fourth.

Although Sydney based, the top two placings were Volkswagens from Victorian crews with Laurie Whitehead and Bob Foreman winners.

1955 REDeX winning car, the VW of Laurie Whitehead and Bob Foreman
Start of the 1955 REDeX Trial
Fifth place Peugeot 203 of Carl Kennedy and Bill Tuner

Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigator / CrewCarPoints
1Laurie WhiteheadBob ForemanVolkswagen21
2Eddie PerkinsLance PerkinsVolkswagen27
3Malcolm BrooksFrank TateStandard Vanguard II45
4Bill HayesTom QuillFord Customline161
5Carl KennedyBill TurnerPeugeot 203236
6Greig KookSidney Braithwaite / Lloyd KookStandard Vanguard II399
7Bill McLachlanMarie HiggsFord Customline506
8Bill EdmondsEric KeftStandard Vanguard II591
9Robert BurginSam GriffithsPeugeot 203622
10Francis McMahonBruce Creber / Pat JoyceMercury 1948656


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