1952 Experts Trial

The Experts Trial, organised by the Light Car Club, was held on July 19th.

 The event was run, as usual, in atrocious conditions in the North East Hill Country around Murrindindi.

Only 28 of the 44 starters finished with Stan Jones emerging victorious in a Holden. It appears that Mal McPherson in a Singer 9 matched Jones on the trial but the tie was resolved based on sub-event times. Graham Hoinville was third in an MG TC after being penalised for stopping within sight of control (see personal story below).

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Personal stories

From Graham Hoinville:

I regard the 1952 Experts as “my” event. At night we had a “non stop entry into control” in the Black Range area south of Murrindindi. We were struggling to keep moving in six inches of snow, and as we entered control the official, a LCCA committee member who was often on controls and inevitably intoxicated, pronounced “you stopped back there”- and we were penalized 30 points, putting us back to third place behind Stan Jones and Mal McPherson. Although a member of the LCCA I clearly did not fit in with the reefer jacket and cravat image of the club.