1989 Victorian Rally Championship

It was always going to be an interesting year with the dual PRC/Clubman points system. And so it turned out to be! Six rounds and six different winners. But not only six different drives but five different models of cars – two rounds won by Clubman Escorts and the remainder by four different PRC cars – Commodore, Laser TX3, Galant VR4 and Mazda 323 Familia.

In the end it was consistency that earned Greg Hoinville and Michael Cains the championship, taking points in all rounds (but having to drop one), even though they only had one win, shared with Grant Walker on the Akademos. As he had done the previous year, Hoinville entered his PRC Escort into the Clubman category in some events to maximise their points yield. Pat Barber and Jim Maude were their closest rivals but despite a win, a second and a third, two DNFs were costly in terms of the championship, but they won the State Recognised award. Likewise Grant Walker had a win, a second and a fifth but two DNFs were costly.

Neil Cuthbert and Daryl Adams in a Datsun 1600 won the Clubman award by a single point from Peter Fyfe and Gerry Bashford in a  Mazda 323 4WD,

Brenden Edgerton and  Graeme Holding convincingly won the Novice award in their Mitsubishi Lancer.

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Series Regulations

These were specified in the VRC Standing Regulation but we don’t have a copy.

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events.

Eligible vehicles were Production Rally Cars and Clubman Rally Cars.

Awards were made for outright champions, State Recognised (previously Grade 2, Grade 3 also assumed to be eligible), Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only) and Novice. There were also car class awards as follows: Class A up to 1300cc, Class B 1301-1600cc, Class C 1601-2000cc, Class D over 2000cc, Class E: 4WD.

This was the fourth year in the transition away from Group G and the first year when the VRC excluded Group G cars, with them now generally having to be de-modified to comply with the Clubman Rally Car category. Alternatively, crews could move to a Production Rally Car, which was likely to be a newer model car with few modifications, but opened the possibility, as had already occurred in the previous couple of years, of 4WD turbo cars.  An excellent explanation of the transition away from Group G and the role of the Clubman Rally Car category can be found in an article by Bruce Keys, then Executive Officer of the National Rally Committee, in the January 1990 Unicar Magazine.

Points for outright champions were awarded to BOTH Production Rally Cars and Clubman Rally Cars., producing essentially two parallel championships. It appears that there were no longer any bonus points for outright placings.

In each division/class points were allocated 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 for first to  tenth. With six events, competitors dropped their worst result.


The VRC recovered from the previous difficult year and comprised six events. The third round, the BP Visco Alpine, was also an ARC round but the VRC event was slightly shorter than the ARC event.

Click on each event to see further details, including results.

  1. Bayswater Wrecker Stages (FFCC)
  2. Swinburne 200 Rally (SCC)
  3. BP Visco 2000 Alpine Rally (LCCA, also ARC)
  4. Akademos Rally (MUCC)
  5. George Derrick Memorial Rally (incorporating the Blue Ribbon, CCRMIT, LCCA)
  6. Wodonga North Eastern Rally (NECC)

Outright Pointscores

These points tables have been reconstructed from the available results.

Outright Drivers Pointscores

Outright Navigators Pointscores

State Recognised Pointscores

State Recognised Drivers Pointscores

1Pat Barber1220201264
2Greg Hoinville61510201860 (59)
3John Reynolds4152039
4Peter Fyfe2031538
5Neil Cuthbert15101237
6Glen Cuthbert761023
7Dean Nixon71522
8=Ross Fraser101020
8=Steve Ashton2020
10Ged Beckton81018
11Nigel Letty48416
12Laurie Weston1515
13=Chris Neilson1212
13=Bruce Robertson1212
13=Paul Leicester1212
16Gary Kendrick14611
17=Andrew Brent88
17=Brendan Edgerton88
19=Rob Plenter66
19=Graeme Gambold66
21=Terry Naish325
21=Rob Beekman55
23Brian Shand44
24=Geoff Maguire33
24=John Brann33
24=Ray Gould33
27=Peter Schey22
27=Greg Walker112
27=Rohan Teagle22
27=Paul Paterson22
27=Barry Collins22
32Norm Fritter11

State Recognised Navigators Pointscores

1Jim Maude1220201264
2Michael Cains61510201860 (59)
3David Boyce4152039
4Gerry Bashford2031538
5Daryl Adams15101237
6Peter Gale761023
7Trevor Nixon71522
8=Joel Wald101020
8=Ro Nixon2020
10Bob Davis48416
11Ken Moore1515
12=Gray Parsonson1212
12=Ian Enders1212
12=Stephen Dunbar1212
15Ron Gottschalk14611
16Ross Runnalls1010
17=Brett Ralph88
17=Bryce Norton88
17=Graeme Holding88
20=Tony Dorman66
20=Chris Randell66
22=Lance Sellick44
22=Warwick Smith224
22=Paul Rofe44
25=Patrick Casey33
25=Neil Cook33
25=Alan Hall33
25=Graham Legg-Stoker33
29=Neil Schey22
29=Andrew Robbins22
29=Helen Wylie22
32=Terry Nixon11
32=Dale Payne11
32=David Vears11

Clubman Pointscores

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

1Neil Cuthbert156122053
2Peter Fyffe20122052
3Glen Cuthbert17½121544½
4Gary Kendrick83121538
5Dean Nixon17½2037½
6Ged Beckton122032
7Brendan Edgerton32108427
8Ray Gould361221
9Terry Naish101020
10Paul Leicester21517
11Andrew Brent1515
12Greg Walker6814
13=Brian Shand1010
13=Rohan Teagle1010
13=Barry Collins1010
16Rob Plenter189
17=Peter Schey88
17=Bruce Dillon448
17=Paul Paterson88
20=Rob Beekman66
20=Owen Polanski66
20=Peter Frew66
23=Darren Bellingham44
23=Mick Whitmore44
25=Jeff Paton33
25=Terry Godde33
27=Andrew Bayliss22
27=Benny Marson22
27=Andrew Vibert22
30=Ron KIng11
30=Robert Gregory11
30=Peter Hausler11
30=Rodney Bloomfield11

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1Daryl Adams156122053
2Gerry Bashford20122052
3Peter Gale17½121544½
4Ron Gottschalk83121538
5Trevor Nixon17½2037½
6Graeme Holding3210823
7Graham Legg-Stoker361221
8=Neil Cook101020
8=Ross Runnalls2020
10Stephen Dunbar21517
11Bryce Norton1515
12Brett Ralph1212
13=Lance Sellick1010
13=Andrew Robbins1010
13=Helen Wylie1010
16=Neil Schey88
16=Warwick Smith88
16=Tony Dorman88
16=David Vears88
20=Terry Nixon66
20=Paul Rofe66
20=Jeff Osborn66
20=Steve Whitton66
24=Nathan Garratt44
24=Joe Brick44
24=John Dowling44
24=Graham Mashiter44
24=Ray Daniel44
29=Matt Ryan33
29=Lyn Fredericks33
31=Robert Hughes22
31=Greg Maunder22
31=Ross Polkinghorne22
34=Trevor Landsdowne11
34=Graham Alston11
34=Adrian Seitsma11
34=Bo Hausler11
34=Jason Wall11

Novice Pointscores

Novice Drivers Pointscores

1Brendan Edgerton10202015201287 (97)
2Paul Leicester815152058
3=Greg Walker152035
3=Rob Plenter112128235
5=Brian Shand2020
5=Rob Beekman101020
7=Owen Polanksi1515
7=Peter Frew1515
9=Jeff Paton12313
10=Darren Bellinghame1212
10=John Tilbrook1212
12=Paul Hausler1010
12=Rodney Bloomfield1010
14Phil Lyons88
15=Gary McRae66
15=Barrie Crocker66
15=David West66
18=Alan Hopla44
18=Rowan Fitzgerald44
18=Peter Mill44
21=Ian Renouf33
21=Graham Symons33
23=Mark Gietman22
23=Randal Cruikshank22
25=Jason King11
25=John Buxton11

Novice Navigators Pointscores

1Graeme Holding102020152085
2Stephen Dunbar815152058
3=Lance Sellick2020
3=Paul Rofe101020
5David Vears2020
6=Terry Nixon1515
6=Jeff Osborn1515
6=Martin Ryan12315
6=Steve Whitton1515
10=Nathan Garratt1212
10=Graham Alston1212
10=Alan Baker1212
10=Tony Dorman1212
10=Ray Daneil1212
15=Bo Hausler1010
15=Michael Seidler8210
15=Jason Wall1010
18Bob Martin88
19=Rob Coylo66
19=Phil Prentice66
19=Bob West66
22Tony Gerring45
23=Tony Cooper34
23=Darryl Bennie44
23=Brian Hunt44
26=Steve Porter23
26=John Panozzo33
28Russell Hardie22
29=Anne Casey11
29=Bruce Douglas11
29=Quentin Ferry11

Class Awards

Class A Up to 1300cc Equal:
Ian Renouf  / Tony Cooper, Escort Mk I
Benny Marson /Greg Maunder, Datsun 1200
Terry Goode / Lyn Fredericks, Datsun 1200

Class B 1301-1600cc : Brenden Edgerton / Graeme Holding, Mitsubishi Lancer

Class C 1601-2000cc: Greg Hoinville / Michael Cains, Escort Mk II

Class D over 2000cc: Neil Cuthbert/ Daryl Adams, Datsun 1600

Class E 4WD: Pat Barber / Jim Maude, Ford Laser TX3 4WD